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The Box by Atelier No16

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Product Description

The Box from Atelier No 16 is the perfect Box for the BBQ pros or novice. It’s the perfectly curated box that will take you to new horizons with the flavors and the ”expérience gourmande” it has to offer.

In The Box, is a Cedar Scraper. What is a cedar scraper… it is a super practical tool to clean barbecues, smokers and grills. The beautiful thing about it is: 1) you encourage some pretty cool guys and their business, 2) you are becoming an eco-friendly person, 3) you are really cool and finally say ‘’Adios’’ to the little brush…

To add to this perfect box, you have three, super easy to use, single use BBQ smokers. The smoke is flavoured with spices and herbs and gives a little something more to your grilled meats, fish and even veggies. You will become a bbq pro and the ‘’Pitmaster’’ title will be yours!


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