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The Foodie Box

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(Français) La boîte Foodie parfaite pour la préparation de mets exquis dans toute sa simplicité.

Product Description

Atelier No 16 is proud to introduce our collection of Holiday Discovery Boxes. Our boxes are a beautiful mix of local gourmet products for all the locavores out there. Our exclusive collection will transport you to new horizons by the ‘’experience gourmande’’ that it offers and by the flavors that it brings.

In The Foodie Box is dried Yellow foot chanterelles. These little dried wonders have an amazing nutty taste. Dried, you can reduce them to powder and sprinkle over soups or salads. Once re hydrated they are out of this world good when sauteed with fresh garlic.

Limoilou steak spices from Boucanerie Limoilou are beautifully composed, slightly spicy with a subtle smoky flavor. The perfect example of a classic revisited. This blend of hand made spices will bring out the best in any dish. This is our secret weapon for the most amazing roasted potatoe dish.

The Foodie box has red onion jelly from Provisions Food Company. A wonderfully well balanced and surprising onion jelly. Pair this jelly with charcuteries, old cheddar and savoury shortbreads, you will amaze your guests at cocktail hour.

A foodie box cannot not be completed without this Fleur de sel with garlic scapes. Gathered with care by passionate artisans, this fleur de sel embodies the quintessential aromas. Superbly iodized, this fragrant garlic scape will augment the flavors of any and all creations. A dash of joy!

Enjoy! – MN


(Français) La boîte Foodie parfaite pour la préparation de mets exquis dans toute sa simplicité.

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